WebMentorz Review System Guidelines

The primary purpose of student reviews on Web Mentorz is to help prospective students evaluate if a course is a match for their learning goals. Our review system empowers students to find and enroll in the courses that are most likely to fit their needs. Written reviews also provide Instructor(s)/Institute(s) with direct feedback which can help them improve their content.

In order for the review system to be effective, students must trust that the system is fair and that Web Mentorz is a neutral party. Instructor(s)/Institute(s)can flag reviews, but Web Mentorz will only remove them if they meet the specific, objective criteria outlined below.

Web Mentorz removes reviews in several scenarios:


1. Reviews removed by the Automatic (Spam) Review Filter: If a review, along with the behavior of the reviewer, scores high in our algorithm as potentially spam, the review will not appear. Web Mentorz scans all student ratings and reviews to identify those that are likely to be inauthentic. We incorporate many data points to ensure course feedback reflects the engaged, unbiased opinions of learners with a genuine interest in the course material.

Occasionally, reviews left by friends and family have been hidden by this filter. If you believe that a review has been removed incorrectly, you can let us know at policy@webmentorz.com. While we are unable to provide any details about the filter, we will investigate to confirm that everything is working as intended.

2. Negative reviews reported as policy abuse: Anyone on Web Mentorz can report a review as an abuse of Web Mentorz’s policy, at which point our policy team will examine whether the review meets one of the criteria that warrants removal.

3. Reviews acquired improperly(change with ours): Instructor(s)/Institute(s) are expected to follow Web Mentorz’s rules against manipulating or influencing reviews, as well as the spirit of the review system as a tool for students to help each other evaluate courses.