Trust & Safety FAQ

Why are there rules in the first place?

Web Mentorz is committed to ensuring that students have a safe and engaging learning environment, and Instructor(s)/Institute(s) are set up for success. Our rules exist to ensure we protect student’s learning experience and enable positive, healthy interactions between Instructor(s)/Institute(s) and students.

How will I be notified of a strike?

You'll receive an email from policy@webmentorz.com about the strike, the reasonwhy you received it, and the consequences. We'll be thoughtful and fair about how we determine if there's a policy violation as well as how we apply consequences. We encourage you to provide context and ask questions. We’re here to help, you'll have the opportunity to speak with someone on our team.

You'll also see that your feature has been disabled when you attempt to use it, and see a notification that says your access to the feature has been temporarily suspended on some or all of your course(s) due to a policy violation.

What happens if my co-Instructor(s)/teaching assistant(s) has a strike?

If your co-Instructor(s)/Institute(s) has a strike, then all the courses that your Instructor(s)/Institute(s) teaches will be affected.

What if my co-Instructor(s)/teaching assistant(s) has a strike and I remove him/her as an Instructor(s)/teaching assistant(s) from my course?

If you remove your co-Instructor(s)/teaching assistant(s) who has a strike, and you don’t have a strike, then your course will revert back to having all your features enabled.

How long are the strikes valid?

We'll re-evaluate the strikes on your account on a six-month rolling basis.

How are you monitoring and catching bad behavior?

We hear from our students and Instructor(s)/Institute(s) who write to policy@webmentorz.com. We also proactively monitor on-site behavior and reach out to students and Instructor(s)/Institute(s) when we identify policy violations.



Does every Instructor(s)/Institute(s) get Strike 0 to 4 or does it depend on the nature of the violation?

In most cases, Instructor(s)/Institute(s) will see a linear escalation where they'll get a warning, and then three strikes. If there are more than three strikes we'll ban access to Web Mentorz and un-list the courses from the Open Education Platform. However, we reserve the right to escalate the consequences if the violations are severe.