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Our mission is to impart education and help everyone learn anything online pertaining to subjects covered by our website. In order to give students great learning experiences, we havecreated the quality review process only for recorded video & audio lectures and study notes.

Please Note: All live (Broadcast & Interactive types) classes will be the sole responsibility of the Instructor(s)/Institute(s). However, in order to maintain our standards and compliance with our policies our content team might review your live streamed class, once it has been conducted for the day.

Once your course(s) is ready to be published, you can submit your course(s) for review. Submitting a course for review will begin the Quality Review Process (change with ours). As soon as the review team approves your course(s), the URL will go live.

After your course(s) has been submitted, the Process Review Team will evaluate your course(s) and provide feedback on the course(s) quality checklist (change with ours). Once your course(s)is approved, it will be published and can be discovered in the Web Mentorzopen education platform.

Course(s) Landing Page

For the Course(s) Landing Page, each field needs to be completed before you can submit the course(s) for review. These include the following:

Course(s) Title and Subtitle

The course(s) title should inform students what they will learn and how and where they can apply that knowledge. For steps on how to add a course(s) title and subtitle, please click here (change with ours). Our quality guidelines for course(s) titles can be reviewed by clicking here (change with ours).

Course(s) Description

The course(s) description explains what your course(s) is about to potential students, and is integral in convincing students to purchase your course(s). Web Mentorz’s quality standards for creating course(s) descriptions can be viewed here (change with ours).

Basic Information

The basic information for a course(s) includes the course(s) language, the learning level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and All) and category.

In addition, you will have to submit a synopsis regarding  what is primarily taught in your course(s). For tips on how to select primary topics for your course(s), please refer to our Primary Topics(change with ours): Quickly Provide Key Information About Your Course(s) article (change with ours).

Course(s) Image

A course(s) image is critical to a course's success. It should grab the attention of the viewer and help them understand the essence of what the course(s) has to offer. For steps on how to upload an image for your course(s), please refer to this article (change with ours). Our quality standards for course(s) images can be viewed here (change with ours).


Instructor(s)/Institute Profile

The Instructor/Instituteprofile is your dedicated space to showcase your expertise and experience. Your profile and the profile of any visible co-instructors in the course(s) must be completed with a name, a photo, and a short description (50 words minimum), short video bite for Web Mentorz. For information on our quality standards for your instructor bio, please click here (change with ours).

Promo Video

The only field that is optional is the promo video, but we highly recommend that you create one as they can boost enrollments. This article (change with ours) shows how you can upload a promo video to your course(s).


On the Price Tab, ensure you have selected the price of your course(s).

Submit Your Course(s)

  1. Once you have completed all the requirements for your course(s), click the Submit for Review icon.
  2. If you have not yet completed the identify verification process (required by all Instructor(s)/Institute(s)), and if prompted to do so, please provide all the relevant information for identification.
  3. Select your profile page URL and share it with friends and followers.