UPSC IES 2020 Syllabus - UPSC IES 2020 Syllabus

Let's have a look at the syllabus of UPSC IES Prelims and Mains examinations below along with the important topics:

UPSC IES Prelims Syllabus 2020

General Studies and Engineering Aptitude

Current  Events  of  national  & international  importance

Engineering Aptitude - Reasoning & Analytical ability

Engineering Mathematics & Numerical Analysis

General  Principles  of  Design,  Drawing

Standards & Quality  practices

Energy and Environment: Conservation, Environmental Pollution, Climate  Change

Basics of Project Management

Basics of Material Science and Engineering

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools - networking, e‐ governance and education.

Ethics and values in Engineering

Knowledge of relevant topics in engineering

Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Syllabus will be as that of Mains exam mentioned below



UPSC IES Mains Syllabus 2020

Syllabus of Civil Engineering

Paper I

Paper II

Building Materials

Solid Mechanics

Structural Analysis

Design of Steel Structures

Design of Concrete and Masonry structures

Construction Practice, Planning and Management

Flow of Fluids, Hydraulic Machines & Hydro Power

Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Geo-technical Engineering & Foundation Engineering

Surveying & Geology

Transportation Engineering

Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics

Thermodynamics and Heat transfer

IC Engines, Refrigeration and Air conditioning

Turbo Machinery

Power Plant Engineering

Renewable Sources of Energy

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Materials

Mechanisms and Machines

Design of Machine Elements

Manufacturing ,Industrial and Maintenance Engineering

Mechatronics and Robotics

Syllabus of Electrical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics

Electrical Materials

Electric Circuits and Fields

Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Computer Fundamentals

Basic Electronics Engineering

Analog and Digital Electronics

Systems and Signal Processing

Control Systems

Electrical Machines

Power Systems

Power Electronics and Drives

Syllabus of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Basic Electronics Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering

Materials Science

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

Network Theory

Analog and Digital Circuits

Analog and Digital Communication Systems

Control Systems

Computer Organization and Architecture

Electro Magnetics

Advanced Electronics Topics

Advanced Communication Topics