SSC CGL 2020 syllabus - SSC CGL 2020 syllabus

The detailed SSC CGL Tier-I Syllabus for CGL Exam is as mentioned below:

General Intelligence & Reasoning

General Awareness

Quantitative Aptitude

English Comprehension skills

Symbolic/Number Analogy

History- Harappa Civilization, Vedic culture, Medieval India and their important systems; India’s freedom movement and their leaders

Number System Problems,


Ratio & Proportion,

Square roots,



Synonyms &

Antonyms, One Word Substitution, grammar skills, spelling error, comprehension passages

Semantic Classification,

Symbolic/Number Classification

Geography- about countries and their geographical details, Famous Seaport and Airport and their location.

Profit and Loss,



Figural Classification,

Semantic Series,

Number Series,

Figural Series

Polity- Administrative, Legislative and judiciary of our Country, Election, Important constitution bodies like CAG, Symbols of political parties, duties & responsibilities of the major persons in the Parliament

Time and distance,

Time & Work,

Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra & Elementary surds,

Graphs of Linear Equations,

Problem Solving,

Word Building,

Coding & decoding

Economy-Budget related information and terminologies, Important persons involved in Economy of the Country and monetary institutions

Triangle and its various kinds of centres,

Congruence and similarity of triangles,


Space Visualization,

Venn Diagrams,

Drawing inferences

Physics- Laws, major Inventions and Discoveries.

Regular Polygons,

Right Prism, Right Circular Cone, Right Circular Cylinder,

Sphere, Hemispheres,

Rectangular Parallelepiped, Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or square base,


Address matching, Date & city matching,

Classification of centre codes/roll numbers

Chemistry- Characteristics of gases, atoms, molecules

Chemistry in everyday life.

Complementary angles,

Heights and Distances,


Data Analysis

Critical thinking,

Emotional Intelligence,

Social Intelligence

Biology-Important discoveries, Interesting facts about human body parts, Nutrition in Animals and Plants, Diseases and their causes.


General Knowledge, Current Affairs


The detailed SSC CGL Tier-II Syllabus for CGL Exam is as mentioned below:

Quantitative Aptitude

English Language & Comprehension


General Studies- Finance & Economics

Number System Problems


Spot the Error

Synonyms /Antonyms

Spelling, Idioms & Phrases

One Word Substitution

Improvement of sentences,

The Active/ Passive voice of verbs,

Conversion into Direct/ Indirect narration

Shuffling of sentence parts in passages,

Comprehension passage.

Data distribution, calculation, a diagrammatic representation of data

Finance-Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting

Ratio & Proportion,

Square roots,


Mean, Mode and Median

Profit and Loss,


Deviation, Dispersion

Time and distance,

Time & Work,

Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra

Moments and relationships- skewness, kurtosis

Triangles, Polygons, Circles, Cylinders

Co-relation, regression

Economics-Macro & Micro Economics, Growth & Development

Market analysis- production, demand, supply,

Indian Economy,

Economic reforms,

Money and banking,

Role of Technology in reforming the Economic domain

Bar graph, Histogram, Pie chart

Probability- theories, distribution


Sampling theory, index numbers, time series analysis



The detailed SSC CGL Tier-III Syllabus for CGL Exam is as mentioned below: 

As per the SSC CGL Exam Pattern, the Tier 3 Exam is a subjective paper that will be taken offline via pen and paper mode.

As per the SSC CGL Tier III syllabus, the exam is to evaluate the candidates’ language proficiency, grammar knowledge, vocabulary usage, and writing skills in English/Hindi. Candidates are expected to write essays, précis, applications, letters, etc. The duration of the Tier III exam is 60 minutes.

The detailed SSC CGL Tier- IVSyllabus for CGL Exam is as mentioned below:   




Data Entry Speed Test

8,000 (eight thousand) Key Depression per hour on the Computer

Tax Assistants( Central & Excise)

A passage of about 2000 (two thousand) key depressions for 15 (fifteen) minutes.

Computer Proficiency Test

Word Processing


Generation of slides

Assistant Section Officer of Central Secretariat Service (CSS), Assistant Section Officer (MEA), Assistant in Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Assistant (GSI) in the Ministry of Mines.