Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 61

Q1 With reference to Bio-diversity, what is “Orretherium tzen”, which was making news recently?
Q2 An ancient city named “Aten”, which was seen in the news recently, has been discovered in which country?
Q3 La Soufriere volcano, which recently erupted is located in which country?
Q4 What is the name of the global experiment, which aims to measure the impact of reduction in ambient human sounds in Oceans?
Q5 “HCCR” portal, which was recently launched by the AYUSH Ministry, is associated with which field?
Q6 Which state government has invoked Essential Services Maintenance Act?
Q7 Which Indian wrestler won gold medal at the Asian Wrestling Championships 2021 in 59kg weight category?
Q8 Which nation is hosting the 2021 Asian Wrestling Championships?