Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 30

Q1 Which country's space probe entered Mars orbit on February 10, becoming the world's second one in two days?
Q2 The US has launched a special task force to counter challenges posed by which nation?
Q3 An armed group from which nation is seeking asylum in Mizoram, India for their families?
Q4 When is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science observed?
Q5 India launched the ‘Year of Environment’ with which friendly country?
Q6 India conducted a joint forum meet with which country, under its ‘Act East Policy’?
Q7 Which construction major has bagged the contract for construction of steel bridges for Mumbai and Ahmedabad bullet train project?
Q8 External Affairs Minister S Jai Shankar proposed Eight Guiding principles to repair the strained relations with which country?
Q9 As per the NSO’s revised estimates released recently, what was India’s GDP growth rate for 2019-20?
Q10 Al Hol, which was making news recently for its refugee camp, is a town in which country?