Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 25

Q1 The NASSCOM has partnered with which state’s AI mission, to launch an Innovation Factory
Q2 Which country’s Mars Digger probe named the ‘Mole’ was declared dead recently?
Q3 Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was making news recently, passes through which Sea?
Q4 Which Listed Large Company won the ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance?
Q5 Ice-Stupa, Swasthya Portal and Prayas Dashboard, which were making news recently, are the initiatives of which Union Ministry?
Q6 Where is the headquarters of the 'National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)' located?
Q7 Which arm of the Indian Army is to recruit women as Pilots for the first time from next year?
Q8 The Leader of which country has been given a title of “General secretary” of the ruling Workers’ Party?
Q9 Which Union Ministry is to set up a National Faceless Penalty Centre?
Q10 Ministry of Minority Affairs has decided to geo-tag all Waqf properties in which Indian state/UT?