Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 24

Q1 Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, which crossed 1.75 crore beneficiaries, is a scheme under which Union Ministry?
Q2 What is the capital city of Barbados, which recently received Covid-19 vaccines from India?
Q3 As per the third round of the Sero survey by ICMR, how many Indians out of every five were infected by the coronavirus?
Q4 As per the Union budget, what is the limit for tax-free interest on Provident Fund Contributions?
Q5 Which country has settled a USD 400 million currency swap facility with India?
Q6 India recently participated in the first meeting of Joint Working Group in the field of Renewable Energy, with which country?
Q7 India‚Äôs first Centre for Wetland Conservation and Management has been set up in which Indian city?
Q8 The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an international non-governmental organisation based in which country?
Q9 The Supreme Court has directed which Mutual Fund company to distribute Rs 9122 crores to its unitholders?
Q10 Which country recently pulled out of a deal signed with India and Japan to develop a strategic port terminal?