Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 2 09 01 2021

Q1 The Indian Embassy has suspended all consular services in which nation till February 20?
Q2 When will the 63rd annual Grammy Awards be presented?
Q3 Which state government will initiate the world’s largest floating solar project by 2023?
Q4 Which nation has signed an MoC with India for a basic framework of the partnership for proper operation of the system relating to specified skilled workers?
Q5 Which state government has launched Kisan Kalyan Mission?
Q6 Which nation recently released a draft Arctic Policy?
Q7 Who among the following has cancelled his scheduled trip to India later this month?
Q8 Which nation is working to develop first wooden satellites to reduce space junk?
Q9 Hundreds of winter migratory birds have been found dead in which among the following Ramsar sites in India?
Q10 The potential first case of a new and deadly ‘Disease X’ has been discovered in which nation?