Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 2 01 01 2021

Q1 Which institution has recently signed a loan agreement worth $ 50 million with India to boost digital platforms for West Bengal Public Finance Management Investment?
Q2 The Global Terrorism Index is released annually by which institute?
Q3 What is the theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020?
Q4 Who among the following is expected to be the chief guest at 2021 Republic day?
Q5 Q13. ____________ became the fastest to reach 12,000 runs in One-day International cricket.
Q6 Which of the following country has recently declared a “climate emergency” and promised to make its public sector carbon neutral by 2025?
Q7 What is the name of the owner of MDH Masala, who recently passed away?
Q8 According to OECD, what is the projected GDP forecast of India for FY21?
Q9 Which Indian state is the focus state in the first-ever virtual Aadi Mahotsav, launched on 1st December 2020?
Q10 Who has been appointed as the new global CEO of Bata Shoe Organization?