Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 19

Q1 Senior Citizens of what age have been exempted from filing the Income Tax Return?
Q2 The Government has increased the tax audit limit to how much in Budget 2021 for those who use digital transaction mode?
Q3 The time limit for reopening the tax assessment cases has been reduced to how many years from 6 years?
Q4 The customs duty on the imported solar inverters has been increased from 5 percent to how much?
Q5 The government has introduced how much customs duty on cotton?
Q6 How much funds are allocated for the health & wellbeing sector in the Union Budget 2021-22?
Q7 Which company's IPO will be launched in 2021-22 as a part of Government's disinvestment strategy?
Q8 How much capital expenditure has been allocated for BE 2021-22 in Budget 2021?
Q9 The fiscal deficit is estimated to be how much percent of the GDP in 2021-22 as per Union Budget 2021?
Q10 What is the Budget 2021 allocation for the Indian Railways?