Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 13

Q1 Cabinet approved the merger of _________ government-run film and media units.
Q2 Which of the following state has unveiled the Farmer Registration and Unified beneficiary Information System (FRUITS), an e-governance portal, to create a repository of farmland information and farm loan details on a single platform?
Q3 Which of the following bank has agreed to run the FRUITS portal on a pilot basis?
Q4 What is the slogan of the consumer awareness program in India?
Q5 Which of these government-run film and media units is not included in the Cabinet approved merger?
Q6 When do we observe International Migrants Day?
Q7 How much amount has been pledged by India to WADA for its scientific research budget, to ensure an atmosphere of Clean Sport globally?
Q8 Which among this official language day is observed by the United Nations on 18 December?
Q9 PM Modi has recently inaugurated the Chilahati-Haldibari rail link, which will connect India with which country?
Q10 Which of the following state recently launched ‘Pareshram’ Portal along with 22 online services of Labour and Employees State Insurance Department?