Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 1 24 12 2020

Q1 . Which of the following Country Hawker’s has been inducted by UNESCO in its prestigious ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’?
Q2 The ________ edition of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Council of Ministers (COM) Meeting via video conferencing under the Chairmanship of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Q3 What is the theme of the 5th edition of Global Technology Summit (GTS) 2020?
Q4 The Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh recently handed over ____ indigenously developed high technology systems to chiefs of the three armed forces
Q5 In which of the following state advanced Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (HWT) test facility of the DRDO has inaugurated by Union Minister of Defence, Rajnath Singh?
Q6 What is the estimated GDP of India for FY21 as per the latest forecast by ICRA Ratings?
Q7 Which institution has approved USD 300 million for the upgradation of rural power distribution networks in Uttar Pradesh, to provide reliable electricity supply to consumers in the state?
Q8 What amount of project readiness financing (PRF) facility has been approved by ADB for preparation of infrastructure development projects in Tripura?
Q9 Which award did Vidyut Mohan, co-founder of Takachar, a social enterprise win?
Q10 What was India’s rank on Human Freedom Index 2020?