Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 1 14 01 2021

Q1 What is the name of India’s first CRISPR COVID-19 test?
Q2 Which TV series won the Emmy award in the Outstanding Drama Series category?
Q3 Which TV series won the Emmy award in the Outstanding Comedy Series category?
Q4 Which country tops the total COVID-19 recoveries in the world?
Q5 In a first, how many women officers have been selected to join the helicopter stream of the Indian Navy?
Q6 Indian Government has extended a USD 250 million loan to which among the following countries?
Q7 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, known as the ‘Notorious RBG’ passed away on September 18. She served as the Supreme Court Justice of which nation?
Q8 Which nation has decided to resume its passenger railway services after a 7-year suspension?
Q9 The New Foreign Trade Policy will come into effect from which date?
Q10 The global stockpile of the Ebola vaccine is being created in which nation?