Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 1 11 01 2021

Q1 Which nation plans to have the first nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2026?
Q2 Which nation is expected to join the Five Eyes alliance?
Q3 Which state government has announced a Solar Power Policy 2021?
Q4 Which place has been announced as Tamil Nadu's 38th District?
Q5 Who will head the international jury of the 51st International Film Festival of India?
Q6 Alexander Ellis has been appointed as which nation’s next High Commissioner to India?
Q7 India will be replacing which nation as the co-chair of Asia Protected Areas Partnership (APAP)?
Q8 India has launched its 40th scientific expedition to which among the following regions?
Q9 The potential first case of a new and deadly ‘Disease X’ has been discovered in which nation?
Q10 Which nation is working to develop first wooden satellites to reduce space junk?