Daily Online Quiz &question And Answer On Indian Polity And Governance 2

Q1 Which article of the Indian Constitution has the provision of Finance Commission in India?
Q2 Which article has the provision that the union government will provide grants-in-aid to state government?
Q3 Duties levied by the Union but Collected and Appropriated by the States are:
Q4 Taxes Levied and Collected by the Union but Assigned to the States within which they are leviable. Find out the correct option from below: I. Taxes on transactions in stock exchange II. Tax of sale and purchase of newspapers including advertisements III. Estate duty in respect of property other than agriculture land IV. Stamp duty and duties of excise on the medical and toilet preparations
Q5 Which article of Indian constitution says that “Parliament has the power to make laws on any matter in the state list if a proclamation of emergency is in operation?
Q6 Election of members of Rajya Sabha is taken from:
Q7 The numbers of members of Rajya Sabha from states and union Territories is:
Q8 Who the representative from states in Rajya Sabha is elected by the
Q9 Which article of the Constitution says that Counsel of States (Rajya Sabha) shall not be dissolute?
Q10 Which article of Indian Constitution says that members elected by the president can’t vote in the election of president?