Daily Online Gk Quiz And Questions And Answers On Indian History 2

Q1 What was the name of the mother of Abhinandannath Tirthankar?
Q2 What was the name of first Gandhar of Abhinandannath Tirthankar?
Q3 Abhinandannath Tirthankar initiated first Parna after how many days of receipt of Diksha?
Q4 After receipt of Diksha, with which food Abhinandannath Tirthankar initiated first Parna?
Q5 What was the number of Gandhars of Abhinandannath Tirthankar?
Q6 After receipt of Diksha, under which tree Abhinandannath Tirthankar attained Kaivalya gyan (enlightenment)?
Q7 What is the meaning of Kaivalya Gyan (enlightenment) received by Abhinandannath Tirthankar?
Q8 According to Jainis, at which place Abhinandannath attained Nirvana?
Q9 Who among the following founded Ajivika Sects in the 5th Century BCE?
Q10 Which of the following was the doctrine of Ajivika School?